Dr. Venkatesh Pannirchelvan is a Parallel Entrepreneur, Educationist, Mentor, Investor and a passionate Digital Strategist. He is awarded with an honorary doctorate for his service in the field of education. His video requesting the state and central governments to help small businesses and offer a moratorium during COVID Pandemic in 2020 has crossed 1 million digital views on YouTube. 


Dr. Venkatesh has helped many leading Pharma companies with software solutions during his 10 year stint in Cognizant working in India, USA and France. He has  guest lectured in some of the leading institutions like VIT, IIT Madras and Bharathiar University. 

infiniX: Through his Digital solutions company infiniX he has strategized and executed Digital solutions for more than 500+ companies in the last 10 years. 

While running infiniX, Dr.Venkatesh realized our educational system created by Macaulay creates mainly clerks. Many of the candidates he interviewed for various positions at infiniX lacked the basic technical and communication skills combined with that his strong passion for sharing his knowledge which he has gained over years led to the beginning of his educational entities FITA Academy and EnglishLabs.

 Through these Edtech companies he is on a journey to “Educate & Build Million Dream Careers”

FITA Academy : FITA Academy offers classroom & online training programmes for corporates, working professionals and students on more than 120+ courses with a strong focus on skilling learners on emerging technologies. 

FITA Academy currently has 7 branches, spread across Chennai, Coimbatore and Madurai and spreading its wings soon to Bangalore. FITA Academy has impacted the lives of more than 30,000 learners in the last 8+ years across the globe!

EnglishLabs: Started in 2015 with a mission of enabling every Indian to speak confidently and fluently in English. Currently EnglishLabs has 4 branches in Chennai.

Dr..Venkatesh can be followed on Facebook and he maintains a YouTube channel in his name.